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Recently ppl on twitter asked me about my own Question of life..
so here are couples of them with my answers.

1. Q: presenter atau mentalist?
A: Presenter! mentalist isnt a Job its my life and i will always be one.

2. Q: mom or dad?
A: my Mom.. my Dad has passed away and in his life he always choose my Mom..

3. Q :anak atau istri!?
A: Anak.. i never said im a good husband but surely i know im a good dad.

4. Q: mati kaya atau mati terkenal?
A: mati kaya.. saya sudah terkenal :)

here, let me just copy paste it:

5. “@richoe88: pikiran or perasaan??”
A: Pikiran!

6. “@mariaaulfaa: @corbuzier what is the best feeling in the world?”
A: Gratitude

7. “@darwin_tandiono: @corbuzier question of life : your job or your family?”
A: my job.. its for my family

8. “@ditasastri: @corbuzier question of life : your mom or your wife??”
A: mom. without her i wont met my wife :)

9. “@Elisa_Oktaviani: @corbuzier love ur daddy or love ur son? :)”
A: my son.. my dad has pass away. and he loves his grandson more than anything

ill put more when there are more..

and so u sing...
oh God this is wrong
a simple move a gigantic meaning
so as a gypsian, is that Dream catcher really work?
why so seriouuuus...
now open ur eyes and answer me..



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WHAT? u want to buy another Shoes!!?!?!
sosok ini mengundang banyak kontoversi dari baik hingga buruk, namun bagaimanakah Uya sebenarnya.. sang keluarga bercerita. mereka menangis... suami yg baik, ayah yang luar biasa. kadang tuk mengenali seseorang kita harus melihatnya lebih dalam lagi....
please tell me it isnt real....

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