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How Much Do You Want to Believe?
I finally watch this movie.. after having it like month in my tablet.. i finally watched it last night.
a story about investigation for a fake mentalist.
De Niro plays as Simon Silver, a blind psychic mentalist who has stop his own career before and back to the field when hes old he claimed to be real.. having real power not just a trick. . Weaver plays a psychologist, Margaret Matheson, who long ago moved from scepticism to cynicism about the paranormal, having encountered nothing but fakery throughout her many years of investigation. Her loyal assistant, physicist Tom Buckley, is played by Cillian Murphy.
the movie is about How to expose that Mr Silver is just a fake.
much psychic fraud is exposed in the movie, the viewer is never sure – until the final reel – whether everything is faked or not.
this is a brilliant movie for me.. a search for the truth..
are they all fake?
are we (me) a mentalist is all about tricks?
yes its true that we use tricks in our show.. just because we know ppl love to see something flashy for them.
but are you sure all we do is just a trick?
will u deny it if its not?
and if we are not a trickster, how do we proof it? since real stuffs sometimes are hard to proof. all proof you have is always tend to go to logical explanations.
Simon Silver VS Tom Buckley here in the Movie will show you how much you want to believe. till when you want to deny anything?
the movie start very slow.. but at the end everything twist.
EVERYTHING. what you believe isnt what actually happened. what you dont.. maybe its real.
this isnt a movie for everyone. some of you will hate it.
i love it.
thats... a question of life.
oh this is so good.
i love casing and i got lots of them.. most of them wont stay for week before i change it to another one.. since i also have a gadgets shop :) at ratu plaza lt 3b no 72.. visit it one day..
however, this case is different!!
This one is so special!
an iPhone wallet specially made for iPhone 5 and yes u can use it for 4 or 4s too!!
its basically a wallet with a plastic window specially cut for the iPhone!
i use it as a normal everyday wallet now!
its rich leather a very good quality not china made one! made in california.
i can put money, credit cards, even my new apple earpod! all in one as a normal wallet!!
and there is a seperate divider for the iphone. so anytime ur phone make a sounds, u can check who is it, reply a message and even answering it from inside the wallet! yes u can type thru the plastic there. and when the time is right, take it out from the wallet to show off ur beautiful iPhone!!
its amazing, i love it and i use it now!
i have 3 of them directly from US. if u intrested, check it here! http://www.corbuzier.net/u-might-like-this.html
Nothing come perfect even the most perfect things in life.
thats how i feel about this lovely gadget that i love.

a tablet running pure android 4.1 ginger bread.. nexus is a brand that come originally from Google it self colaboration with Asus.. this is pure google tablet experience! jelly beans mean: butter project, fast and slick. no lag at all, slim and beauty, lightweight and sharp screen.

my personal day to day tablet to hold and to carry around.
everything goes smooth even better than ipad 3 for me.
its easier to carry, its just amazing.
i even put down my ipad 3 after using this tablet! and better yet, it cost only $300.00 (around that for 16 Gb-biggest capacity yet available) you can buy it here at indonesia around 3.6 mill. IF YOU LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET IT!

- no memory card!
- no simcard! ( u depends on wifi only)
- no rear camera! (im okay.. it looks atupid anyway taking pictures using tablet)
- not all apps in google play is customize for android jelly bean tablet.

- this is my second nexus7 the first one has a screen damage ( the left side of the screen lift up by it self.. make a tiny gaps that is very annoying) believe it or not if u google about it many of users experience the same!
- butter project? yes but after u fills all the 16 GB memory there, than it turn into BRICK PROJECT!!
16 GB version using a different memory chip than the cheaper 8 GB and problems that all 16 GB users facing now is if u fill up until more than 12 GB, everything become very slow until its unusable!! (google it then ull surprize ur self)
why this happen? even google dont have the answer yet!
so here i have a 16 GB unit that only can be use until it reach 12 GB. how smart is that!!


we all know tht late Steve said that tablet less than 10 inch is useless, well sorry Steve, im not with u for this one!
7 inch tablet is PERFECT! yes!! perfect for everything! movie, working project, browsing and most of all easy to carry and lightweight. u wont get tired holding it with one hand.
thats why soon ipad mini is on its way to market.. sorry Steve... apple betray u for this one..
I Love my nexus7.
yes there are many problems here and there.. but i left my ipad3 now and use this as my only tablet for daily use.
i think google finally come with a good tablet. but lack quality control.
hopefully there will be an upgrade for it.. so i can fall in love with all my heart.
right now it feels like dating a supermodel that so fragile :( its easy to get hurt.. something u love to be with but u afraid to hurt her if u push ur limits.
its just so fragile..
google has come with a good device. but ipad mini is about to come.. can u survive?
i personally choose Android for tablet for its better use as working tablet.
but if they dont fix it, then goodbye.

ok why dating? because that what i feel now having this iphone 5 in my hands.. it feels like dating a supermodel..
ppl go woow , waah etc when they see this phone on my hands.. a feeling that i didnt get it when i was holding my galaxy s3.
steve jobs pernah mengatakan teknologi saja tidaklah cukup.. namun harus menggabungkan kecantikan di dalam nya.. and it works like Magic!
but i said in my last post before that i love my S3 more than this iphone5. true thats before i hold the Iphone 5 my self.
hm.. so what now?
what is my decision? what i choose now?

first, i love my s3. its one of the best smartphone ever.. big screen, real multitask, NFC, wifi transfer, youtube download and most of all USB ON THE GO!! make life easier!! plus its beautiful.

iphone 5 on the other hands, lack all of it.. its not as smart as the S3. BUT the wooow and waaah from ppl seeing this iPhone 5 make the whole experience changed.
iPhone win the beauty..
anda harus memegangnya tuk menyadarinya bahwa benda ini luar biasa cantik. enteng bagaikan menggenggam casing tanpa isi.
its beautifull.. its like dating a supermodel.. then again who dont want to date a supermodel?

now why would u date a supermodel? for sure coz shes damn beautiful, slim and just make all of ur friends envy u.
but do they have brain? thats the other question.
and this what make iPhone 5 very intresting!!
iPhone 5 has a brain!
s3? also has a brain, better brain maybe. but also much risk.
ios yg sangat tertutup membuat hampir tidak ada resiko dalam penggunaannya. sedangkan android yang saat ini canggih sekali mengundang banyak resiko di dalamnya. virus, apps problems, bahkan memasukkan memory card membuat resiko yg sangat besar apabila HP and hilang.. pencuri tidak bisa membuka lock nya namun dgn mudah mengambil memory card anda. (ya ada cara untuk encript. namun saya yakin hanya 10%org mengencript memory card nya. dan memakan waktu sangaaaaat lama)

seminggu yg lalu s3 saya tiba tiba panas dan battery habis dalam waktu 4 jam!! tanpa sebab. saya hrs menguninstall satu persatu apps nya untuk cari tau apa penyebabnya.. and i finally found the problems after 5 days.
saya juga sering menginstall apps di s3 dan ternyata tidak jalan.
that will never happen in iPhone.

TRUE S3 is more fun.. she is beutiful, smart but WILD. coz she loves to try new things without knowing all the risk.
she loves to hang out on saturday night having fun and taking risk. and shes not that beautiful compare to iPhone5.

while iPhone 5 is damn beautiful, smart enough and follow all rules that make her less funerable. make her more safe to be your partner without u have to be afraid of what will she do to ruin your life one day.

if i want to depends on one, i choose one that im sure will never make a problem when i need to use it.
yes i cant NFC video, yes i cant use memory card here, yes i cant easily transfer movie or pictures or else.. but again, its a phone!! it has anything i want to use as a phone.
and also the apps has lot more choices than android. (i post this blog using my iphone 5) weebly app. that i cant find it on android yet.

so what is my conclusion?
i love my s3.. i love my iPhone 5.
but if i must choose now, i take my iPhone5.. just coz i feel safe. and its beauty.. mezmerize me.
as a phone i will take iPhone 5 ..
however, i plan on selling my s3 and change it to galaxy note 2.
i think android is better as a tablet or a device for working instead of device for daily use.
i think iPhone 5 and galaxy note2 can be togeher side by side covering others weakness.
but then again its my thought.
what is yours?
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what make ppl love hot chily stuffs while others not?
its a questions of life..
what make u love ur partner?
what is love?
a brain disfunction?
a gift from God?
a trick of mind?
or simply its just LOVE?
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try it..
u might Love it..
who knows u addicted to it
whos this?
This morning my son come to me and show me his new game on his ipad and said " look Pa!! Michael Jackson!! Cool!!!"
then i asked him, do u know who is this guy?
he said Yes!! ofcourse i do know!! its Michael Jackson. eihiiiiee.... while he put his hand on his crotch :)
but how do u know him? hes dead.. and ur just 6 years old..
hm... i dont know.. i just know..
then i asked do you know Bruce Lee?
he said YES!!
Questions is.. how??
how come someone long dead and my son still know them?
arent they amazing?
can we?
oh Come on?? there are times that we became very desperate to show off that we are better than others.. but we at least can do it with style and proud.. saat lihat iklan ini.. i feel very sad.. its a very desperate move to fight agains iphone 5 using this advertising... are u really is that desperate? lets see.. i can easily buy gelaskin or other stickers for iphone 5 so my iphone can became colorfull. also thousands of casing will be available... and i dont see it come to other phone for sure..
what do we learn here?
i think i learn alot.. i learn not to be desperate to fight agains life... it makes u loose more.
Sometimes something amazing happened in life.. everyone life..
This is Gangnam Style..
this is amazing, crazy, kinda impossible at first..
saat saya lihat pertama kali saya berpikir ini adalah hal tidak penting yg kebetulan mencuat menjadi heboh.. namun ternyata setelah "menyelidiki" fenomena ini ternyata gangnam sudah terkonsep dengan baik.. this isnt a coincidence.. this is a well planned idea... dari video klip nya yang melibatkan setiap org dengan pekerjaannya masing2.. sampai lagu yg membawa rasa patrionisme terhadap wilayah gangnam...
diawali dari Psy tiduran di tempat yg seakan akan pantai namun ternyata lapangan bermain anak anak scr psikologi membuat kita tak sadar bahwa kita masih punya rasa ingin menjadi anak anak..
menari di kandang kuda.. Dengan gaya berkuda.. tiap manusia pasti ingin merasakan berkuda sejak kecilnya.. ia membawa kenangan ini kembali..
wanita berjalan mundur ketika Psy menari, ternyata di korea hal ini menjadi trend ketika wanita ingin menguruskan badannya maka mereka berolah raga dengan berjalan mundur.. percaya atau tidak :) dan Psy sekali lagi menunjukkan bahwa gerakan nya bagus untuk semua level masyarakat..
wanita cantik di kereta yg terlihat tak mungkin mau dgn pria spt Psy.. dengan cuttingan adegan dimana mereka tak pernah satu scene, membuat kita yg menonton mengira akan berakhir dengan tragis atau komedi. namun... akhirnya wanita itu malah jatuh ke tangan Psy.. so neird not always loose.
and many many more inside it..
this isnt a coincidence..
gangnam just kill shuffle dance... well its basically kills all dance :)
there u go a video youtube Gangnam yg saat saya menulis ini sudah hampir 400 juta viewer!!! ... everyone.. Gangnam style!!
question is what is your Gangnam in this life?

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